Pokemon 2020 Pokemon Card Gym Battle Tournament Sword & Shield Series #2 RANDOM sealed promo card. This card was given out to participants in the 2020 Pokemon Card Gym Tournament in Japan only for a very limited time from July - September, 2020. Pokemon Card Gym is the new name for the Pokemon Gym Challenge tournament. You will receive 1 RANDOM pack with 1 promo card inside. Not for sale in any toy stores, Pokemon Center, theme decks, sets, or booster packs.

The packs will contain one of the following cards (packs are sealed so you cannot pick) 

Flareon #038/S-P

Luxio #039/S-P

Sinistea #040/S-P (Holofoil)

Hatenna #041/S-P

Rolycoly #042/S-P

Trubbish #043/S-P

Eevee #044/S-P

Adversity Gloves #045/S-P

Sealed Pokemon 2020 Japanese Gym Tournament Promo Pack - SWSH Series #2