CNC Machined Aluminium Damage Counters  Set (6 pcs) FAIRY PINK

Changing the way Pokemon TCG players battle are these high quality, awesome looking  CNC Machined solid aluminium  Damage counter dice.  Tired of having a whole bag of dice with you and having to use 3 or sometimes even 4 dice on your cards?  With these CNC cut aluminium dice you should never need more than two of these dice on your cards.  Using 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminium material with crystal clear lazer etched numbering, these dice are a more efficient and clearer way of calculating battle damage during tournament play.  Each set contains four 12mm size dice that are clearly marked from 10-60, and two 13mm size dice that numbers from 70-120.

These dice will look impressive on any player’s table and will surely get lots of attention.  Available in brilliantly anodized colour to match the type of deck you’re playing or your personal style


  • ·         High quality, solid CNC Machined Aluminium material
  • ·         Perfect balance in weight and precise center number lazer etching
  • ·         More efficient and concise way of tracking damage count
  • ·         Greatly reduce the amount of dice needed to bring for tournament
  • ·         Appealing pro level looks

TCEVOLUTIONS Dice - Fairy Pink - Aluminium Damage Counters - Set of 6

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